Hey! It’s been a while.

Apparently so many things had happened in my life. Unfortunately, nothing happened to this blog. Current updates in my life however, are still somewhat accessible in the void that is the ~internet~. Lo, and behold; my four most cherished social media accounts: Instagram (request to follow): http://www.instagram.com/lanaaisya_ Twitter (request to follow): http://www.twitter.com/lanaaisya Tumblr (beware, some … Continue reading Hey! It’s been a while.


what is this thing? it’s a blog. why do you pick the names mind hopper / uncle girl? mind hopper – my mind cannot think still. it’s a thing, apparently. uncle girl – my friends call me om even though i’m a girl. om is ‘uncle’ in Indonesian. when i get a cold my voice … Continue reading 5W1H…extended.